Chef Amy Sins

New Orleans celebrity Chef Amy Sins is a truly a force of nature… and if you don’t know her personally, it’s easy to feel like you do.

It could be that you recognize her from her Louisiana and New Orleans tourism partnerships. Or perhaps you’ve read her best-selling book, “Ruby Slippers Cookbook: Life, Culture, Family & Food after Katrina.”

You could know her voice from her weekly radio show. And you might’ve just seen her on your television screen, winning “Beat the Chefs” on national syndication!

If it isn’t any of those things, Chef Amy’s been on stage as a keynote speaker more than a few times. And if at all else, there’s a pretty high chance that you’ve sampled her food at award-winning Langlois, or by giving a go at one of her online recipes yourself.

Whatever it may be, it’s easy to see why the essence of Chef Amy Sins’ jubilant personality was a feat to contain into one website. But… we did it!!

And it was a joy to go through all of the archives, view all of the footage, and construct a living, “breathing” entity that was as fun, informational, and as true to form as our client herself.

Featuring brand new navigation and page builds, a UX design set to inspire and convert, a showcase of Amy’s many endeavors, and a bespoke hero compilation video from our partner Implicted, we are happy to announce the launch of ChefAmy.com.


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