Experience This! Travel

“Experience This! is a new project for three experienced partners in the travel industry,¬†Christian Watts, Magpie, Lori Timony, Virgin Experience Gifts and myself. One of our first steps was to find a partner to guide us with our branding, creating social channels and our podcast distribution. The Von Mack Agency team was selected due to our experience working with Marica and her team on other projects. It was fantastic to work with Von Mack on a collaborative process to create what we believe is a truly great brand identity. Thank you for a great process and partnership!”

– Bruce Rosard, Co-founder and CCO, Arival and co-host, Experience This!


experience this! travel podcast porfolio piece

#TeamVonMack had the honor of working with travel industry legends Bruce Rosard of Arival, Christian Watts of Magpie, and seasoned travel leader Lori Timony on “Experience This! Travel.”

As a new vodcast, this endeavor brings together an A-List of guests from across the world to discuss next-level topics in tourism. Our CEO Marica Mackenroth Brewster was even a guest!

Moving forward, Experience This! will bring Von Mack branding into play as they develop content focused on In-Destination experiences.

Be sure to check out their quicksite, also from Von Mack, as well as new episodes rolling out on Linkedin, Youtube, and on stream from Buzzsprout.


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