#TourismInFocus 2023

Putting 2022 into Perspective, Our Year of #TourismInFocus

Tourism’s year of the GOAT is almost over, and you guys… it’s been huge.

Here at Von Mack, 2022 brought our team new change, new challenges, and even some new people! Across the industry, we saw the widespread adaption of vertical video, in-person events, and a togetherness like never before.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane through this absolute whirlwind of #TourismInFocus, shall we?

Arival 2022

Arival is one of our favorite events in the tourism industry – and for good reason! It is THE de facto voice of businesses serving “in-destination” tourists. And this is why we chose to launch our official #TourismInFocus campaign right smack in the middle of January’s event. From teaching workshops, to catching up with folks across the globe, to charging the photo booth with our specially made pins, we made memories of a lifetime. We suggest you check it out.

“Arival was truly one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my professional career. It really showed me how unique the tourism industry is, and how innovative we have to be in order to stay ahead of the curve. Also… It felt great to be back in person at these kinds of events, and you know how the tourism industry loves to party. It was a great way to kick off 2022!” -Adam Vigueira (Digital Content Producer)

tourism in focus


Von Mack is located in New Orleans, and statewide, LA Travel Summit was the place for tourism fam of all kinds to shine. (Not only because of our custom selfie lights.)

Celebrating tourism trends as a domestic entity, as well as top level, is super important! And we saw this resurgence as a golden opportunity.

“Louisiana has such a vibrant tourism industry, and the Louisiana Travel Summit is a highlight of the year to connect with our Louisiana tourism fam and celebrate the great initiatives our home state has in the works.” – Ethan Rodrigue (Accounts Director)

The Evolution of Tourism Topics

This year we covered some of the hottest topics in the tourism industry, and led the discussion as trends turned to the super granular – and super fun.

From branding as a huge way to stand out, to getting into the nitty-gritty of algorithms, down to legit ways to professionally use emojis in one’s tourism company, the evolution of topics to develop moved as quickly as Elon Musk’s interest in Twitter.

“What I like the most about our blogs is that they are always informative. You will always learn something new when it comes to our content.”- Alexis Miano (Tourism Marketing Intern)

Need to catch up? Check out all of our blogs from 2022 by using the links below. 

watersports marketing robot


Ah, what’s not to love about watersports?

Developed with care by the guys at Awkward Watersports Podcast, this year’s Watersports forum tended to the super niche needs of those renting the jet skis, powering the boats, and captaining the fun for visitors from Florida and beyond.

And we got to be there.

Catching up with our more aquatic client fam is always a blast, running some of the group discussion an honor, and yes – the event had actual hot tub networking. 

“Learning the different facets of watersports tour operators allowed us to level up our marketing strategies to better serve clients in that segment of the tourism industry.” – Shahi Hafez (Digital Campaigns Director)

An Ode To Branding!

We had the pleasure this year of helping out many of our clients with killer campaigns – led by emotive, heartfelt, absolutely gorgeous new branding. (Travel is an emotional purchase, after all. And it goes far beyond looks.)

One of our FAVs this year was the wins at #MotorCoachFamily!

From Motor Coach East, to Motor Coach West, and everything in between, The Motor Coach Family is has arrived in more ways than one, and we are here for it! We were so thankful to have been a part of this continually evolving project, and we look forward to growing with this legendary brand. 

“A project like this for a designer is a dream! It was so fun getting to work alongside the Motor Coach team to create their branding. I can’t wait to watch them take over, I’m even ready for Motor Coach Space.”- John Dixon (Graphic Designer) 

And that’s not all. Check out why we ADORE The Myrtles new look, Fun Tour Experiences, what’s to come for St. Francisville.

And Of Course There’s More

When we think back on this year, we are truly thankful for everyone that has shared in these incredible moments. The tourism industry continues to prove how resilient and innovative we are, and we can’t wait to bring you even more of this spirit in the new year.

“It’s about the little things… seeing Shahi getting someone into the Google map pack, or Adam make something trend on social, those moments mean something. And sharing that with our client fam, alongside them, makes me excited for the build that’s always to come.” – Marica Brewster (CEO)

Looking Ahead

So here’s a fun fact: All of the images in this blog were generated by Canva’s “text to image” feature.

That’s right, the robots are coming. And by robot, we mean AI, shorthand for “artificial intelligence.” 

There’s much more to discuss here, but let’s just say that 2023 will have a lot of computing going on. Stay tuned for a deep dive in our next blog, but only if you feel prompted.