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Can You Go Video for FIVE Days? An Incentivized Learning Challenge with A Chance to Win Big

If you’ve heard anything about social media lately, it’s that video is here to stay.

And while this unfortunately means that your steady roll of crowd-sourced images does far less for your brand than it did in 2017, we have good news!

With practice, video posts are not as time consuming or as complicated as you would think.

Now, after you take a moment to finish rolling your eyes, consider these facts:

  • > 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands, more than any other type of content (Hubspot)
  • Video Content has a Retention Rate of 52% (Business 2 Community)
  • 55% of users/consumers watch videos before making a purchasing decision (Webus)
  • ~ 91% of marketers believe that video content is more important in the COVID-19 pandemic (Mynd)

Great! This is huge! But the term “video content” is still pretty broad.

To give folks a place to start, let us suggest Instagram Reels. It’s an easy dive into the authentic, personalized, entertaining form of on-trend video that’s become expected by audiences.

What’s more? Instagram itself is giving a huge push to those using the feature, which means that you have the ability to grow your brand voice with direct placement on the “explore” page and to engaged fans.

Even the Head of Instagram stated that video is “driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms.” He ALSO said that video will be a key focus area for Instagram, which has 1 BILLION USERS,  over the coming months.

So the formula goes like this: You get familiar with producing Reels. You learn what type of content your fan base connects with. You then take that to cultivate future leads, and then take that perfected content voice to your other social mediums. Rinse, repeat, and grow!

But we know that this is far easier said than done.

There’s transitions. There’s getting comfortable in front of the camera. There’s figuring out what to post to begin with, right?

It’s a lot. Especially when you have so much other marketing and logistics to manage.

But what if…..

  • What if you learned at the same time among your tourism peers?
  • What if you had an agency brand already in the deep end, ready to lead the way?
  • WHAT IF there was a chance to win a $2,000 marketing package at the end of this ride?

And this is where #TeamVonMack comes in.

We’ve already committed ourselves to the #30DayInstagramChallenge so you don’t have to.

If you prefer, you can just watch along and gather up inspiration.


You can join us for the (FIVE DAY) #TourismReelsChallenge!

Should you wish to try your hand, here’s the details:


  1. Try your hand at a five-day Instagram Reels streak at any time from now until September 15th, 2021. You can try as many streaks as you wish.
    • Make sure to use the #tourismreelschallenge hashtag.
    • Tag @vonmackagency if you wish for us to reshare your reels in our stories!
  2. Measure your engagement pre and post the streak.
    • To do this, make sure to go to “insights” within your Instagram app. Click “custom” in the calendar drop down, and take a snap shot of the activity of the last five days.
    • When you are finished with your streak, do this again. Send both the before and the after shots to us at reelschallenge@vonmackagency.com. We’ll add you to our leaderboard and give you access to it.
  3. Stay tuned! The winner with the MOST % of growth engagement will win a fully agency managed TWO MONTH social media campaign, with $1,000 budget donated from Von Mack Agency to spend. *$2,000.00 value.

Our goal is to help the community get accustomed to this new movement in social, and all of the tools and consumer expectations that come along with it.

So what better time to start than now? (We did last Thursday.)

And to make things even easier, we’ve created a toolkit with a social content planner template, an “Instagram Reels Ideas for Tourism” list, and a deep-detail “How To” guide for FREE DOWNLOAD below.

Grab Your Reels Toolkit Here