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How Tour Companies & Tourist Attractions Can Hack Instagram With Reels

The average engagement for Instagram posts is less than 3%. But did you know that there’s a hack? If you post your content as a “reel” it will bring it directly to the app’s “Explore” page.

We tried this at Von Mack, and were met with huge results. So did the NFL when they tried it.

Since we dropped our first reel, the sheer number of Von Mack’s video views has increased 19x on average, in addition to a surge in likes and messages.

Sound like something you’d like to do for your tourism company? You can and you should.

And our team is here to give you the skinny.

instagram reels

So what is a reel? 

Basically, just a video post. A short one, usually entertaining, and often set to music or something quippy. They range from 15 to 30 seconds. It’s a “create” option within the Instagram app.

It’s Instagram’s answer to TikTok, and this short form video edu-tainment is becoming increasingly popular.

Take our latest reel for example. While it may look ridiculous, the video is on brand, showcases what we do, entertains, and due to the “Explore” page inclusion, it’s clocked in 1500 organic views overnight.

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So if you’d like to try your hand at it, let’s start with Step 1: Think about how you engage with the app through your brand’s account.

Who do you follow? What other brands do you follow? Do you slow down to read captions? What type of content do you save? What kind of content do you share in your story? 

These questions are important because we want YOU to create Instagram content that causes people to stop, watch, like, comment, save, and share! 

Keep what interests you close to heart because it’ll serve as basis for ideas to use for short form video.

instagram reels for tours and attractions

Quality Content Builds Community

How you niche your content and interactions attributes to how Instagram weighs your posts in audience feeds.

If you are not providing a post that creates a great number of reactions and reaction types, then it will only reach a very small portion of your most devout followers. 

With social media content getting more competitive and algorithms continually limiting posts, it’s not really about who follows you…. it’s about the community you foster online. 

When potential customers are looking for something to do, and they came across your brand on Instagram, for example, they’ll look right for the human connection behind it all.  

So Step 2: Choose your voice and think of an idea that showcases it to your brand’s niche network.

How can you be relevant and engaging? How about entertaining and helpful? Are you hiding behind photos and afraid to show off the faces of the company? Who’s the voice of this company? 

Instagram is your chance to really impress the potential customer and show them who you authentically are. And let’s face it, Instagram is over 10 years old….it’s no longer a collage of pretty pictures. These pictures now have the ability to move, (hence reels, IGTV, stories), and invite the viewer directly into your narrative. 

Do it.

Instagram wants you to use its new reels option so much that it’s going to show your video to a much larger audience than it normally would. It’s currently an extra benefit of trying some of those new “bells and whistles.” They literally reward you with extra views (via the explore page) when you let yourself play with this feature.social media marketing

Now Let’s Get Reel

Alright, so now we hope you’re pumped and you’re ready to make some Instagram reels for your tour company or attraction.

You understand how Instagram evolved, that you need to cultivate community, and that short form video is taking off.

Now it’s time to create that juicy piece of content that will actually turn potential customers into actual sales and visitation. 

But where are the ideas?!

No worries tourism fam. We’ve compiled a list of over 50 Instagram reel short form video ideas that you can use to brainstorm.

We know that sometimes getting started is the hardest part, so charge those batteries with some fresh inspiration from #TeamVonMack.

Get Our Top 50 Reels Idea List.