Black Lab Tours

When you’re approached by tourism industry powerhouses, you get to work.

And that’s just what we did when we were given the opportunity to work with the folks from Bulldog Tours and Winnipeg Trolley Company on their newest joint venture.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Black Lab Tours is the perfect coalescence of storytelling, tour guide know-how, and epic business creation, done strategically from start to finish.

And that includes marketing from Von Mack!!

black lab tours toronto canada branding


From group ideation to SEO keyword research, to framework for launching a beautiful, recognizable brand, we’ve worked with BLT to add the “chef’s kiss” to a partnership already in visionary mode.

And after launch, we moved directly into digital campaigns.

The results? A continuous ramp-up, with so much more to come.

Be sure to take a tour the next time you’re in the Toronto area. And of course, make sure to follow on social.


When we decided to launch an entirely new brand in a new city in under two months, we knew it was going to be a challenge for any marketing team we hired. We laid out what we were trying to do in our first meeting with the Von Mack team, and it was clear they were excited to take this on, even though it was going to be a ton of work in a short period of time. Marica and her team leads, Shahi and Ethan, were incredibly responsive and organized through the entire process of developing our brand materials. They took the lead not only on the development, but on organizational tasks like setting up meetings, managing a Google doc, and generally ensuring the process stayed on track and that we as owners remained up to date on developments. After a major push, they got our logo, tagline, brand elements, social media pages, and social media ads all up and running within our very ambitious timeframe. They were keen for feedback and the result of their expert touch is a brand image that absolutely aligns with our vision for our company.

The entire Von Mack team was professional, responsive, creative, and above all, a lot of fun to work with through this – and we are excited and fortunate to have their expertise leading the marketing for our new operations!

– Ben Gillies and John Laverne, Black Lab Tours


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