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Turning Great Reviews Into Brand Ambassadors

By: Abby Sanders

Just about every customer-facing business has experienced that moment of terror brought on by a one-star review. From posting the perfect response, to researching and resolving the problem – damage control sucks up a lot of time and energy.

Meanwhile, glowing reviews typically get a quick “Thank you for the kind words” before we move on to check the rest of our Facebook messages.

It might be time to start balancing out the scales. It’s important to write a response to all of your reviews, both positive and negative. But if your strategy ends there, then you’re missing a ton of opportunities to gain long-term fans.

Here are a few key ways your business can maximize those 5-star reviews, and earn some long-term brand devotion.


Invite Them to Spread the Word.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a review wherever you need it most. If your Yelp rating is a little low or you haven’t gotten any new comments on your Google Business page, you may have to steer happy customers in the right direction.

Let your team know which review channels are most important so they can be specific when asking customers to leave feedback. And be sure to incorporate links to your review sites in any automated email campaigns (reservation confirmations or reminders, for example).


Send Them A “Brand Ambassador” Promo Code.

For repeat customers, big spenders, or anyone else you want to reward, make it as easy as possible for them to recommend you. Send them a Brand Ambassador Promo Code that they can share with friends and family for a discount, free ticket or complimentary perk. This gives them one more reason to push your brand for you.


Make Your Loyal Customers Feel Exclusive.

Show repeat customers your appreciation with a couple of complimentary tickets to your new walking tour or a sample of the new merch that just came in. It never hurts to send them off with some branded swag to remind them how awesome their experience was.

These are perks that we usually reserve as a “Sorry, don’t hate us” response for complaints. But surprising your most loyal clients will give them one more excuse to talk about your brand even after they get home.


Make Sure They Can Find You.

If someone took the time to write a paragraph about your Customer Service team on Facebook, they’d probably be the first to re-tweet your promo announcements – if they can find your Twitter handle. Check that links to your social channels and primary review sites are front and center on your website.

If your business is on TripAdvisor, order some custom Reminder Cards that tell customers how to find you and share their experience (they’re free with your TripAdvisor account). Make sure every customer-facing member on your team has them handy, for those guests who “can’t thank you enough” or forgot cash for a tip.


Share Your Favorite Reviews.

Genuine quotes and photos from customers are the most persuasive form of advertising out there. Share snippets from recent reviews on your social networks – and don’t be shy about tagging your customers to give them a moment in the digital spotlight.


Now that you have a plan in place to maximize positive reviews, all you have to do is get more of them. Ask us how Von Mack can help you get those invaluable 5-star ratings – and share your own strategy with @vonmackagency on Facebook!