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In wake of the corona virus spread, we in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industries are entering truly unprecedented times. To reach and excel on the other side of this pandemic, we must help one another in every way that we can. Let’s find strength in solidarity messaging, keep a positive mindset, and help everyone keep up to speed on the latest news and resources. 

We’ve set up this page to help.

Please check back often. We’ll be building out more content as new findings arise. 

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Get guidance links for businesses and employers to plan and respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 here.

Watch this page, specifically, for information on Disaster Loan Assistance.

  • Share the message to postpone trips – NOT CANCEL THEM with the industry’s profile frame here.
  • Useful social hashtags to implement and follow: #SaveTourism | #TourismStrong | #TogetherInTravel | #DontCancelPostpone | #TravelMatters | #TravelTomorrow | #DreamNowTravelLater | #TravelAgain

Access the full corona virus fact sheet list here on the CDC website.


Although available only in select cities, Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants to affected businesses. Sign up for updates here.

The Tourism Strong Project is a grassroots volunteer effort created to provide a source of hope and connection for everyone in travel affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. We at Von Mack are proud to be a part of this initiative. Discover more at www.TourismStrong.com or on social at Facebook, InstagramTwitter.

#TogetherInTravel is a social campaign from the World Travel & Tourism Council. Find more at www.TogetherInTravel.com