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Content Is King: How to Plan, Post and Share Your Way to a Brand Voice

By: Abby Sanders


Regardless of the product or service you’re offering, you’re one of literally millions of other sites competing for every person who taps Search. But after that first victorious click to your page, what makes your brand memorable?

Producing consistent, quality content, whether it’s an original 2,000 word blog post or sharing somebody else’s genius with a clever tagline, is your best shot at remaining a familiar face for your customer. You’ll need a content strategy that inspires them to keep in touch rather than going back to the digital mob of competitors.


Get Inspired to Write

Creating quality, original content for your audience is the best way to set yourself apart. It gives previous customers a reason to remember your brand, and helps you reach potential new clients. But for the days when you spend hours anxiously staring down a blank Word doc, seek outside inspiration!

  • Answer potential customer questions. Answer The Public is a free tool that allows you to search for key terms related to your industry. You’ll see hundreds of high-volume queries at a glance, which gives you a good idea for the types of questions your customers are asking, without getting too bogged down in actual search analytics.
  • Browse Pinterest. You probably used this one when you were choosing a new paint color for the master bathroom, but Pinterest actually offers content for just about every industry imaginable. It’s a visually appealing way to see which topics and headlines are catching the attention of your target customer.


Curate Content That’s In Line with Your Brand

There’s no shame in sharing someone else’s brilliance – in fact, it’s one of the best ways to keep offering value to your followers on a regular basis.

  • Start a Feedly account. Feedly brings you the top content-producers in specific industries. Save the sites and authors that are most relevant, so you always have new content to share.
  • Set up a Twitter list. Start a list of users and sites that publish the kind of content that suits your brand. To get started, login to your personal or business Twitter account, tap your account icon, and then Lists. From there, you can start adding the most relevant accounts. This will help you quickly find the content that’s worth sharing to your audience, and skip over the baby squirrel videos.


Tie it All Together

If you wanted to, you could find 200 how-to articles, life-hack infographics and videos of kittens sneezing. Time to narrow it down.

Come up with just 2 or 3 descriptive words that capture your brand’s “personality”: friendly, helpful, playful, classic, and kitten-loving are all options. Next, picture your typical client: try to imagine their interests, values, or short-term goals as they relate to the solution you’re offering. The content that embodies your brand voice and also helps, entertains, or interests your customer is definitely worth a share, re-tweet or re-gram.

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